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TCT Technology

Use of AFR control to minimize HC+NOx emissions on the J1088 A-Cycle with improved combustion stability and robustness. TCT achieves the emissions reductions by lean operation at light load and rich/standard AFR operation at high load which minimizes HC+NOx emissions on the J1088 A-Cycle.

SORE engines have load dependent HC+NOx trends with AFR. The TCT, using it's AFR control, minimizes the emissions by operating the engine at the optimum AFR for minimum emissions for each load/mode point on the A-cycle.

Main benefits of TCT
  • AFR control. Easy to calibrate - will allow SORE run lean at lighter loads and rich at high loads. Up to 30-40% engine out emissions (HC+NOx) reductions

  • Superior fuel atomisation gives faster, better and more complete combustion

  • More power and more torque due to optimised AFR and better and more complete combustion​ 

  • Single point metering

  • Easy to apply electronic control / feed back control due to single point metering

  • Up to 25% fuel usage reduction

  • Will operate on fuels like Gasoline, Kerosene (JP8), Alcohol, LPG and NPG

  • Compatible with 3 way catlytic after treatment with lambda 1 operation at all part load mode points

  • Eliminates or reduces the amount of after treatment required

  • Cost competitive

TCT Technology

Our new Tillotson TCT carburetor is really more than just a carburetor; it’s a fully integrated fuel system that combines a form of mechanical fuel injection with enhanced atomization and accelerated fuel flow.  


With the Tillotson TCT technology, we are able to map performance directly to the engine, increasing and decreasing the fuel/air mixture at each load point to provide the engine with optimum performance with the lowest possible emissions.   Traditional carburetors can only add fuel as the engine accelerates, making it difficult to adjust to lean spots and impossible to reduce fuel along the progression.  


With the Tillotson TCT technology, we can add or subtract the fuel supply wherever and whenever desired in the acceleration curve.  We can also provide more fuel at idle to make starting easier and/or less fuel at WOT and increasing power while still lowering overall emissions.

Test Data

SAE J1088 A cycle results on various Class 1 engines typically

show 30-40% reduction in HC+NOx

Video comparing fuel atomization 
Tillotson TCT vs Standard Carburetor
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