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Our new Tillotson TCT carburetor is really more than just a carburetor; it’s a fully integrated fuel system that combines a form of mechanical fuel injection with enhanced atomization and accelerated fuel flow.  With the TillotsonTCT technology, we are able to map performance directly to the engine, increasing and decreasing the fuel/air mixture at each load point to provide the engine with optimum performance with the lowest possible emissions.   Traditional carburetors can only add fuel as the engine accelerates, making it difficult to adjust to lean spots and impossible to reduce fuel along the progression.  With the Tillotson TCT technology, we can add or subtract the fuel supply wherever and whenever desired in the acceleration curve.  We can also provide more fuel at idle to make starting easier and/or less fuel at WOT and increasing power while still lowering overall emissions.

Tillotson TCT Outboard

Engine capacity: 80-225cc or 5-25Hp

Choke types: All choke types available

Bore size/Butterfly: ø18mm

Venturi: 169mm^2  or =  ø14.6mm

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