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Tillotson TCT

Mechanical Fuel Injection
 Tillotson TCT is really more than just a carburetor; it’s a a complete fuel system housed in a carburetor body.  The Tillotson TCT carburetors let you upgrade your existing float-style carburetor with our latest technology.
The integrated system provides a form of mechanical fuel injection that let’s us more precisely tune the carburetor to the engine, making it easier to start, providing smoother and better operation and lowering emissions by up to 40%.  
The Tillotson TCT also provides enhanced fuel atomization and fuel velocity for better acceleration, smoother operation, more power and more torque.  

Suitable applications

Tillotson TCT Fuel System can be calibrated to work on any engine.

Full AFR Control at any load

Easy to Calibrate

Better Fuel Atomisation

Single Point Metering

Cost Competitive


Lower emissions

More power

More torque

Faster engine response

Better and more complete combustion

Reduced noise levels

Why Tillotson TCT?

AFR Control
Lower emissions
Faster engine response
Better  and more complete combustion
More power and more torque
Cost competitive
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