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Reykjavik is the capitol of Iceland. Sightseeing, activities, good hotels, good restaurants, swimming pools, golf courses and much, much more.

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Here below is a list of things to do and see in Reykjavik. This covers only a fraction of what to see and do in Reykjavik.
You can do an activity in the morning and then go shopping or swimming in the afternoon - It's up to you. We are here to set up your agenda and make sure your trip filled with great memories.

Restaurants in Reykjavik

You will find great restaurants in Reykjavik. Veg or Non-veg is not the problem.

City tour city orientation Tour

3 hours city orientation tour. After this tour you know more/less all about where all is in the city

Shopping in Reykjavik

There are two shopping malls in Reykjavik and then there are good stores on Laugarvegur and Skolavordustigur and downtown

Flyover Iceland interactive show

5-10 minutes walk from city center. Great show with flights over great Icelandic landscape

Helicopter tours

Various options on flights. Fly to the volcanic eruption site of 2021 or over Þingvellir and many more options

Whale watching

Scheduled tours for whale wathing from the old harbour

Whale museum

Life size whale replicas. Located 5-10 min walk from city center


Visit Hallgrimskirkja and see the organ and then take the lift to the top for a great view over Reykjavik.

Museums and art

Art of interest. Go visit some of the galleries or museums

Sky Lagoon

The Sky Lagoon is only some 15 minutes drive from city center

Swimming pools

Choose from a variety of swimming pools in Reykjavik. They are geothermally heated and are open all year. A variety of hot tubs in each pool.


There is a ATV rental about 15 minutes drive from city center

Horseback riding

There is a rental about 20 minutes drive from city center

Silfra snorkelling

Snorkelling in Silfra is only some 45 minutes drive from city center. If you didn't go snorkelling in Sifra when you did the Golden Circle now is the time

Lava Caves

Two massive lava caves within 40 minutes drive from city center

Electric scooters

Fast and fun way to explore Reykjavik

Bicyle tours in Reykjavik

Nice to explore Reykjavik on a bicycle. Various rental opportunities

Bars and nightlife

Go out and have some fun after a day of exiting activities and shopping

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